“Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S) Clothing” is the definition of hard work, dedication and consistency. “Heavy In The Streets” is a lifestyle that combines the streets and hip-hop culture together with fashion. We are on the grind each and every day, working hard to provide for our families. Hard work requires dedication and it is with consistency that we can reach success. There is no waiting around for something to happen, you make it happen! It is all about hard work. Rise and grind! It’s time to get on your hustle, or as they say in the streets “get your hustle on.” We are H.I.T.S. We are Heavy In These Streets! 

Established in 2014, H.I.T.S Clothing is the line that brings a dynamic new edge to the fashion world with our creativity, uniqueness and love for fashion. Our designs are created with the “streets” in mind, it is our inspiration. Within our inspiration there is room for growth, from hustling in the streets to hustling in the board room. H.I.T.S. Clothing is the clothing line that will soon allow you to move from one stage of hustling to the next. 

At H.I.T.S Clothing we concentrate on creating quality, limited edition, custom apparel and accessories. In doing so, we focus on teamwork and positivity which leads to progression. 

Our signature item is our “Heavy In The Streets’’ tee. The “Heavy In The Streets” tee is our first design. The thought process behind creating this design is that positivity can come from a tough and rigid background. Since attention to detail is key within our company, we pride ourselves on producing high quality apparel wearable for any occasion. The H.I.T.S Clothing Tee has proven to be a favorite amongst our customers and is available in various colors. 

As a company, we at H.I.T.S Clothing strive to produce high quality and exclusive wear for our customers worldwide. Our company’s members believe in doing business with a commitment to accountability, trust, dignity and respect. H.I.T.S Clothing is dedicated to becoming an international brand. 

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